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Newark Earthworks, Ohio, 1983. Native America. copyright photographer Marilyn Bridges.

Newark Earthworks, Ohio, 1983. The Octagon State Memorial and Mound Builders Monument preserves around 190 acres of the original 4 square miles of this ceremonial settlement of the ancient Hopewell people. The present site includes a perfect octagon (foreground), with 300-foot-long earthen walls. It is attached by a 10-foot-high set of parallel walls to a circular enclosure encompassing some 20 acres. The site was occupied from about 100 BC to AD 400, during a period of extensive trade and political and cultural exchange throughout the country east of the Mississippi. The white lines are part of the 18-hole Newark Country Golf Club, which is contained by the earthworks.

The Sacred and Secular: A Decade of Aerial Photography  
Photograph from The Sacred and Secular:
A Decade of Aerial Photography
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