Marilyn Bridges Photography

Palenque, 1982. Mexico. copyright photographer Marilyn Bridges

Palenque, 1982. Palenque was a major Mayan ceremonial center in Chiapas, and flourished between AD 633 and 692 during the reigns of Lord Shield Pacal and his son Chan-Bahlum. On elevated terrain in the distance at left is the Temple of the Cross, with its intact roof comb. In the foreground (left) is the Palace Complex, a network of buildings, vaulted galleries, courtyards, and subterranean chambers, covering about an acre. At lower right, the Temple of Inscriptions stands on a 75-foot, eight-stepped platform. Built between AD 672 and 682, its subterranean burial chamber held the sarcophagus of Lord Shield Pacal.

Photograph from Markings: Sacred Landscapes from the Air
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