Marilyn Bridges Photography

Chichen Itza, Castillo, 1982. Mexico. copyright photographer Marilyn Bridges

Chichen Itza, Castillo, 1982. Although the great Mayan city of Chichen Itza in the Yucatan probably dates from the 5th century AD, much of the major building took place under Toltec occupation between AD 900 and 1200. The Castillo, believed dedicated to Kukulcan, the legendary Toltec leader (deified as Quetzalcoatl), rises some 80 feet from a 190-foot-square base. The pyramid has four staircases of 91 steps each, for a total of 364. Adding the platform at the top makes 365, to complete the calendar year.

Photograph from Markings: Sacred Landscapes from the Air
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