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Egypt. Temple of Luxor (Overview with City). copyright photographer Marilyn Bridges

Temple of Luxor (Overview with City), 1993. The temple lies on the south end of the modern city, some 1.5 miles south of Karnak, on the edge of the east bank of the Nile. Essentially built by two kings, Amenophis III, 1391 – 1353 BC (the inner part) and Ramesses II, 1290 – 1224 BC (the outer), with the great colonnade by Tut’ankhamun and minor additions made by Haremhab and Alexander the Great, the temple was dedicated to Amun, Mut, Khons, and the deified ruler. It is 623 feet long and 180 feet wide at its widest point, and is comprised of chapels dedicated to these deities, with their vestibules and subsidiary chambers, a large hypostyle hall, and an open peristyle court, approached from the north by a great colonnade. The temple was closely connected with the Great Temple of Amun at Karnak, and once a year, during the second and third months of the inundation season, a long religious festival was held at Luxor during which the image of Amun of Karnak visited his southern retreat.

Egypt, Antiquities from Above. Book and photography by Marilyn Bridges.  
Photograph from Egypt, Antiquities from Above
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