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Pyramid of Khephren, Giza, 1993. copyright photographer Marilyn Bridges

Pyramid of Khephren, Giza, 1993. Seen from the west, the shadow of the Pyramid of Khephren stretches across the vast necropolis. Immediately above (or east), and covered by the shadow, is its mortuary temple. A causeway leads from this temple across the central field of mastabas and rock-cut tombs, passing by the Great Sphinx (upper right-hand corner) seen here from the rear. Upper left is the south face of the Pyramid of Khufu. Above (east of) this pyramid are the smaller pyramids for Khufu’s queens and daughter and a large cemetery for other relatives. On its right (south side) is a row of large mastabas belonging to high dignitaries and a boat pit covered by a modern, on-site boat museum.

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Photograph from Egypt, Antiquities from Above
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