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Overview of Abusir, 1992. copyright photographer Marilyn Bridges

Overview of Abusir, 1992. The pyramids of Abusir date to the 5th Dynasty (2465 – 2323 BC). Although the founder of the dynasty, Userkaf, built his pyramid at Saqqara, four of the next five kings located their monuments at Abusir. Seen from the north (the entrance to each of the pyramids is the slightly depressed area on the north face) the pyramids (from front to back) are those of Sahure’ (2458 – 2446 BC), Neuserre’ (2416 – 2392 BC), Neferirkare’ (2446 – 2426 BC), and the partially built pyramid of Ra’neferef (2419-2416 BC). The remains of mortuary complexes abut each pyramid on the east (left). The pyramid complex of Sahure’ has suffered the least damage. Still visible to the left of its vast funerary structures is the outline of its causeway, which leads to the remains of a valley temple (raised slightly in the photograph). Also visible is the western portion of its enclosure wall. Lush cultivation borders the desert. The pyramids at Saqqara, some five miles distant, can be seen in a haze of sand and sun in the upper portion of the photograph.

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