Marilyn Bridges Photography

Azoria and Kavousi Kastro from Vronda, 2008. Crete. copyright photographer Marilyn Bridges.

Azoria and Kavousi Kastro from Vronda, 2008. The sunlit hill nestled at the foot of the mountain (left of center) is the site of Azoria, a substantial settlement in East Crete that was occupied between the Minoan and Archaic periods. At upper right, on a precipitous 2600-foot pinnacle, is the citadel of Kavousi Kastro, a place of refuge with ruins dating from the Late Minoan (12th century BC) through the Archaic period (early 7th century BC). In the foreground is the Late Minoan settlement of Vronda (“Thunder Hill”). The American archaeologist Harriet Boyd discovered and began the excavation of all three sites in 1900. The photograph, taken just after a thunderstorm, looks northeast.

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