Marilyn Bridges Photography

Miletos, Theater, 2004.

Miletos, Theater, 2004. Miletos was one of the great cities of the Classical Greek world, but most of the exposed ruins are from the Roman period. The theater, which dates from circa 100 AD, could hold about 15,000 people. The shoreline in antiquity was just behind the stage. Long after the harbor silted in and dramatic performances were a thing of the past, a fortified medieval citadel was imposed over the upper rows of the theater, “like a barnacle on its back”, in the words of English travel writer Freya Stark. The rectangular building at upper left is a restored early 15th century Seljuc caravanserai, with stables and lodging for travelers. At lower left are the ruins of a Hellenistic monumental tomb for some deified person.

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