Marilyn Bridges Photography

Noah’s Ark, Anatolia, 2006. Asia. copyright photographer Marilyn Bridges

Noah’s Ark, Anatolia, 2008. In May 1948 melting snow revealed a geological structure resembling the outline of a ship in the mountains of eastern Turkey between Iran and Armenia, about 18 miles from Mount Ararat. In 1959 Captain Ilhan Durupinar photographed the feature, now named for him, during an aerial mapping mission for the Turkish Air Force. Some have claimed that this feature, nearly 540 feet long, is a remnant of Noah’s Ark. In fact it consists entirely of rock and is a well-known type of geological formation (a syncline) resulting from the folding and differential erosion of sedimentary strata. The photograph looks southeast and is centered on the “ark”. The bright diagonal path runs along the central axis of the feature.

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