Marilyn Bridges Photography

This land Is Your land. Across America by Air. copyright photographer Marilyn Bridges

This Land Is Your Land offers a unique perspective on the American landscape, making the familiar fantastic, as well as an aesthetic experience of dizzying proportions. Bridges takes us on an inspiring journey, as we look down together on the fleeting moments and lasting signatures of the United States that are etched on our continent. An aerial photographer who has explored ancient cultures around the world for more than a decade, Marilyn Bridges has now focused her attention on a subject no less intriguing: the grandeur of America.

“Marilyn Bridges’ images show us an America . . . in the light of eternity, as a passing angel might register its enormous vanities and emptiness. Hers is an austere and withering perspective that cuts us (in an antique way) down to size . . . For me these photographs do what every photographer (and traveler) strives for – they show us the world from so fresh an angle that our home looks like another planet, the things we take for granted seem curious to us . . .” Pico Iyer – Condé Nast Traveler

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