Marilyn Bridges Photography

Flights Through Time. copyright photographer Marilyn Bridges

“Riding the wind, I hunt for scenic gems that reveal the passage of time. I find ancient monuments and abandoned ruins whose builders once yearned to conquer eternity. I encounter ephemeral forms so delicate as to only last a moment. Eventually all will vanish or be transformed into something else. I scan the Earth’s infinitely varied surface and explore its textures, maneuvering the aircraft around the shafts of light and shadow. As the landscape unfolds before me, I am primed for the moment, ready to capture on film the precise instant that will preserve the balance, clarity, and symbolic power latent in the scene below. This portfolio contains a selection of photographs from diverse lands where this explorer had the rare privilege, while poised above, to reveal the hand of time on the surface of the Earth.”
- Marilyn Bridges

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